Private Eating Disorder Recovery

what you can
expect from coaching:

Recovering from an eating disorder is nonlinear and requires assistance from professionals with advanced training who are solely dedicated to the specialty of eating disorder recovery. Professionals with lived experience have a unique understanding of the client and their recovery goals. Coaches provide accountability and essential adjunct support to your care team.

We will work together to create precise strategies which can help you build emotional resiliency and tolerance to the challenges of daily living.

Specialized Coaching 
for Eating Disorders

RECOVERY is Possible. Start today!

RESET your relationship with 
food and your body by raising your 
awareness and shifting your mindset to healthier thoughts and behaviors.

03. Virtual Meetings

02. Customized Care

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Utilizing foundational principles from mindfulness, behavioral psychology, 
and neuroscience, you can begin to slowly rewire the neuropathways in the 
brain in order to integrate the connection of the mind, body, and soul. 
Clinical studies reveal that individuals struggling to recover from eating 
disorders experience improved outcomes with early intervention and the 
regular assistance of recovery care support services.


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01. Evidence-informed Practices

03. Virtual or In-Person Meetings

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Eating disorders present differently in each unique individual. In my holistic approach, I assess the whole person where they are each day or week, then, in conjunction with their care team, I can help develop strategic skills to move through daily life in an effective and meaningful way.

Customized Care

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02. Customized Care

01. Evidence-Based Practices

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I meet with my clients through SimplePractice, a HIPAA-compliant video chat software system, no matter where they are in the world. Meetings are structured around your schedule and goals to create an individualized support system. At-home & on-campus recovery is possible, and students can continue with classes and activities that enhance their overall wellbeing.

Virtual Meetings

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03. Virtual Meetings

02. Customized Care

01. Evidence-Based Practices


“I have been working with Merrit for a little over a year now ever since leaving in-patient treatment. She has been such a constant source of encouragement in my life and I honestly wouldn’t be doing so well without her support. Our weekly meetings are catered to whatever I am needing at the time: a coffee chat, grocery shopping together, making an inspiration board, planning my 
week out, setting goals, and more.”

“Having access to her (merrit Elizabeth) whenever I am 
struggling with a meal or just life in general has been 
so helpful”


“She has helped me find body neutrality and that there is so much more to think about in life. I appreciate all the things she has done for me and her other clients. She creates a safe place to talk about anything and everything. When i am struggling i know she is always there and ready to help. I am so grateful I found her.”

"Merrit has helped me so much in recovery."


"She is so kind and really cares. She truly believes recovery is possible for anyone. I look forward to my sessions with her every week. I always come away from them feeling challenged, more confident in myself, and so encouraged and built up. Her energy and passion to help people is so powerful. Since I began working with her it has truly been such an amazing process of growth and change for me and she has been there for me every step of the way to support and encourage me to keep fighting, even on my worst days. Do yourself a favor and contact her today!"

"Working with Merrit has been a game changer in my recovery process."


"She has been an amazing, essential part of my recovery. It’s incredible how helpful she is—everything she knows and passes along, especially mindfulness and incorporating it from when you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night. She has been incredible and I think everyone that is going through recovery should have an eating disorder coach. It’s essential."

"Merrit has been everything."


"Although it may be a life long journey through recovery, I am so much more confident that I will succeed with Merrit on my side. It is so nice to have someone to talk to that has struggled with similar things and has felt the same way I had, and explicitly talks about her journey and the comparisons, with no filter. The less formal approach Merrit has with me being able to text or Facetime her whenever, and tell her anything, has been key to my recovery. Every time I think about resorting back to past behaviors, I think about how successful and happy Merrit is and I remember the big picture so that I can get through temporary discomfort. MERRIT ROCKS."

"Merrit has been an extraordinary help in my recovery from my eating disorder." 


"She has walked with me through so many steps in my process from stepping down from a higher level of care, to sitting with me when I wanted to give up; from cheering me on when I take the next step, to encouraging me to do things I never imagined I could do. Having Merrit’s in-the-moment support has been vital to assisting me in shifting away from constant disordered thinking to hopeful recovery-focused thinking. When I met Merrit I was honestly a shell of a person. Her creative approaches and, what I sometimes think are wild, ideas have helped me grow into a whole, recovering, person." 

"I have been working with Merrit for almost a year now and can honestly say that working with her shifted me from quasi recovery into honest recovery."


"Talking to her for the first time I had felt like I already met her, months before I ever did. She always has her ears open, closely listening not missing little details about my stories. She always gives the best advice and suggests countless coping skills to practice when I feel anxious. She has helped me to be almost fully recovered, and I definitely couldn’t have made it this far without her." 

"Merrit is the most loving and inviting person I’ve ever spoken with."


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