Conquering Bulimia

An intensive self-paced, online course with actionable tips and tools that can help you conquer bulimia and start living the life of peace you deserve.

In this first-of-its-kind master coaching course, I have partnered with certified eating disorder coach Sarah Lee. We are joined by leading experts with decades of clinical experience in psychology, nutrition science, meditation, breathwork and so much more! Throughout the course, we expose our own vulnerability by sharing stories of past personal experiences with eating disorders. 

This course is for everyone struggling with bulimia! It is also an excellent source of information for educators, health coaches, athletic coaches, and family members supporting those with eating disorders who have a strong desire to truly understand the depth and breadth of this eating disorder. 

I understand not everyone can afford 1:1 coaching. This heartfelt course represents a savings of over 60% compared to personal coaching. This is my way of improving access to excellence in recovery care for everyone.

who is it for?

what's included

You will receive 70+ educational videos delivered with strategic assignments designed to help you increase self-awareness, shift your mindset, and empower you to change your behaviors.

We have included additional expert resources and 2 bonus modules to help you maintain motivation and keep you moving forward. 


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