Are you an eating disorder recovery coach building your business, starting from scratch, or maybe you have specific coaching questions that need answers? I’m here to help! 

I wanted to be able to sit down with an experienced eating disorder recovery coach and pick their brain-ask them any and all questions related to eating disorder coaching & setting up a successful business. Thankfully, I found amazing mentors, and have benefitted greatly from business coaching. My mentors have helped me to remain calm during busy times and stay spiritually aligned with my mission. I am so thankful that I invested in business consulting, as I have achieved several important milestones with the guidance of my mentors. I am proud to now offer that same assistance to other eating disorder recovery coaches, so that you too, can successfully grow your business.

When I first launched my eating disorder coaching business, I had a LOT of questions.

My goal is to help you grow and scale your business so that you can consistently acquire new clients along with feeling confident in your role as an eating disorder recovery coach.

Here is how I can help:

Assist with social media, mastering consultation calls, writing professional emails, finding new clients, and connecting with other professionals

Answer specific questions about setting up your business

Assist with challenging client situations from an experienced coaching perspective

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"I recently completed CCI Eating Disorder Recovery Coach Program and have entered my internship phase. Fortunately, Merrit Elizabeth was recommended to me for coaching (“coach the coach”). What a find she has been! Prior to CCI training, I had no knowledge of where to really start in setting up my business practice (software, specialized web site set-up, client agreements, insurance, service pricing/billing, etc.). Merrit Elizabeth gave me all this empowering information and so much more. She has answered all my questions - everything from where to find clients, how to deal with challenging situations, where to begin with a new client and so many others. She has the gift of delivering practical information and tips in a warm and generous way. She has really helped build my confidence that I can be successful in this new career. I cannot tell you how much I’ve appreciated her help. Highly recommend her services for any new coach who needs practical information and great inspiration from a passionate coach."

Consulting Client testimonial

-Coach Cathy Vee


Yes! All sessions are conducted virtually.

Come to our meetings with questions prepared, ready to take a lot of notes!

Absolutely! I am happy to answer any questions related to getting set up. In fact, I think it's great to have questions answered before starting your business. 

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