Along with private 1:1 eating disorder recovery coaching, she also hosts peer support groups in an effort to provide students with the recovery tools they need to remain in 
school and on-campus. 

She is a dynamic speaker with middle school, high school, and college groups confronting the dangers 
of social media and diet culture, enhancing body image, and empowering self-esteem. If you are interested in hiring Merrit as a public speaker or hosting her as a podcast guest, please e-mail her at

Merrit also has an Etsy shop which sells high-quality, body positive loungewear. Check it out here!

RESET your relationship with food and your body by raising your awareness and shifting your mindset to healthier thoughts and behaviors.

She provides virtual eating disorder recovery coaching services to adolescent and young adult women around the world. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Southern Methodist University where she also earned a Master of Science in Health Promotion Management degree. She holds a certification in eating disorder recovery coaching from The Carolyn Costin Institute. 

Merrit utilizes her own shared recovery experience to provide compassionate recovery care and empower her clients to a life of health and wellness.

Merrit is a Certified 
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach 
based in Dallas, Texas.

"As an Eating Disorder Dietitian for 20+ years, I have been able to confidently refer clients to Merrit for meal support, coaching on life skills, and so much more. She is an inspiration, sharing her own recovery journey. Nationally she provides compassionate, inspiring support to clients. She is a vital member of the treatment team. She promptly communicates goals from client sessions. She is innovative and creative about client experiences to nurture transformation. I can confidently refer clients to Merrit knowing that she provides solid support in recovery. Thank you Merrit!"

"Merrit is a breath of fresh air in the eating disorder support community."

-Jean Sullivan RDN, LD, Vital Food Therapy

As a Psychotherapist specializing in Eating Disorders, a vital component of my practice is cultivating relationships with ancillary providers. I have collaborated with Merrit on several cases, on various treatment teams. I can vehemently say those patients have showed markedly advanced improvement and introspection - no doubt as a result of Merrit’s unwavering attention to detail, support, compassion, and insight. On a personal note, Merrit is a veritable Angel - affable, thoughtful, considerate, and always looking out for the best interest of others. She is an absolute pleasure to work with - highly thorough, reflective, astute, warm, and patient. She is the icing on the cake to any treatment team!!

"Merrit is THE quintessential addition to an outpatient treatment team I never knew I needed!"

- Lisa Mollick, LMHC, Lisa Mollick Psychotherapy

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Merrit works with clients all over the world!

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