Meet Merrit Elizabeth

Founder of Merrit Elizabeth Recovery, certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

author of “The SHIFT” newsletter
Co-Founder of Conquering Bulimia
speaker & mindfulness practitioner
eating disorder educator

who i serve

I provide eating disorder recovery coaching services to women around the globe, helping them improve access to their awareness, shift their mindsets, and nourish their bodies toward long-lasting recovery.

With 24/7 text support, my clients have access to me as their go-to accountability partner when they need it most. I’m known for my unique coaching philosophy, which combines the principles of neuroscience and positive psychology with gentle mindfulness practices. By implementing gratitude and forgiveness, I help clients to dampen the guilt and shame of their eating disorder.

I am here to illuminate the steps on your path to recovery and empower you to navigate doubt and fear, eventually discovering resilience and reinvention. I am not here to dwell on negative thoughts and behaviors of the past, but to guide you in nurturing your emerging healthy self. My greatest goal is to help you maintain hope as we reignite a passion for life.


Master of Science in Health Promotion Management from southern methodist university

currently pursuing advanced education in applied neuroscience

directly trained under renowned eating disorder therapist Carolyn Costin before earning my eating disorder recovery coaching certification from the Carolyn Costin Institute

Merrit helped me in so many ways. I was lost and overwhelmed for so long, and it was so helpful to have someone there for me that I could text at any time of the day. She helped me work through challenges in the moments I needed it most, and I have held on to her words ever since.


I was grateful for the nutritional therapy I had received during treatment but I hungered for something more. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and breathwork nourished my mind, body, and soul. I started feeling at home in my body and comfortable in my mind. Learning the science of the interconnectedness of mindset and goal achievement emboldened me to truly believe in my healthy self.

I graduated college early and moved to Los Angeles where I landed my dream job working with a celebrity stylist. Simultaneously I was volunteering as a peer mentor with ANAD, assigned mainly to young women struggling with eating disorders. This position provided a level of fulfillment and purpose I had never experienced. I said goodbye to an incredible boss and returned to Dallas to pursue my graduate degrees and dedicate myself to helping others reach full recovery.

After struggling with bulimia throughout high school and college, I finally reached FULL recovery by implementing healing practices that acknowledge both science and spirituality.

my story

Merrit Elizabeth Recovery is more than a career. It's my calling and purpose to provide the highest level of support possible for those struggling with eating disorders.

I believe every client deserves kindness and deep compassion because eating disorders are not your fault. I believe in a holistic approach that includes ancient practices, psychology, food and modern medicine because your body, mind and soul are not separate entities operating independently. I believe full recovery is possible for everyone. I believe in you.

A few of my favorite things


The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life by Dr. Tara Swart


The Huberman Lab Podcast


Yellow cake with chocolate frosting

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La La Land Kind Cafe, Dallas, TX

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Merrit works with clients all over the world!

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"As an Eating Disorder Dietitian for 20+ years, I have been able to confidently refer clients to Merrit for meal support, coaching on life skills, and so much more. She is an inspiration, sharing her own recovery journey. Nationally she provides compassionate, inspiring support to clients. She is a vital member of the treatment team. She promptly communicates goals from client sessions. She is innovative and creative about client experiences to nurture transformation. I can confidently refer clients to Merrit knowing that she provides solid support in recovery. Thank you Merrit!"

"Merrit is a breath of fresh air in the eating disorder support community."

-Jean Sullivan RDN, LD, Vital Food Therapy

As a Psychotherapist specializing in Eating Disorders, a vital component of my practice is cultivating relationships with ancillary providers. I have collaborated with Merrit on several cases, on various treatment teams. I can vehemently say those patients have showed markedly advanced improvement and introspection - no doubt as a result of Merrit’s unwavering attention to detail, support, compassion, and insight. On a personal note, Merrit is a veritable Angel - affable, thoughtful, considerate, and always looking out for the best interest of others. She is an absolute pleasure to work with - highly thorough, reflective, astute, warm, and patient. She is the icing on the cake to any treatment team!!

"Merrit is THE quintessential addition to an outpatient treatment team I never knew I needed!"

- Lisa Mollick, LMHC, Lisa Mollick Psychotherapy

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